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Fuelwood Services

  • Biomass Woodchip
  • Woodchip for Shrub Beds
  • Firewood Logs
  • Composting
  • Natural Play Obstacles

CGM Group provides many solutions to recycling and reusing timber from our forestry and arboricultural operations as well as from client timber stocks.

Our fleet of wheeled and tracked woodchippers process branches from felled or pruned trees into woodchip arisings. This is then taken to green recycling stations throughout East Anglia or stockpiled at our main depot location before being transported in bulk to local biomass power stations.

Our stockpile of woodchip mulch is also used by our Grounds Maintenance and Soft landscaping teams when installing and maintaining new and existing shrub beds.

Our Heizohack HM14-800 Biomass Woodchipper is supplied and operated by our competent and experienced operatives processing our own timber trunks from site clearance and forestry operations into woodchip. This machine can also be supplied to process customer supplied timber to produce a G30 or G50 size woodchip for biomass boilers. This impressive machine can process timber with a diameter up to 600mm and produce up to 40m³ of woodchip per hour.

The CGM Group also processes seasoned firewood logs which can be purchased and delivered via our sister company, Downham Home and Garden Store. From our existing stock of timber we can also provide trunks for play equipment and landscaping projects.

We aim to recycle and reuse as much green waste as possible, reducing waste and our carbon footprint.