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Our Vision, Strategy and Values

Brand vision

To continuously learn, embrace change and improve so we can develop a culture of confidence and pride.


Brand strategy

To support the brand vision by making profit and:

  • Consistently satisfying our customers
  • Develop leadership and team ownership for problem solving
  • Use a factual approach to our decision making
  • Proactively develop our people and optimise our process
  • Build lasting, mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • Supply modern, innovative products and services with outstanding quality and universal appeal
  • Take pride in our team success


Brand values

Growing Ideas

Working with colleagues and clients to find innovative solutions
Developing our colleagues through training and coaching


Supporting the communities in which we work
Minimising our impact on the environment
Taking responsibility for our actions

Exceeding Expectations

Enhancing environments for clients and colleagues
Delivering excellent customer service and quality

Accident Free

Providing a safe working environment
Reducing risk to our workforce and those around us


Listening to our colleagues and sharing our knowledge
Embracing our differences