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Landscape Maintenance

CGM began as a business when owner Tim Glover won his first contract to maintain a  parish church yard and, over twenty five years later, his company continues to provide  first class garden, grounds and landscape maintenance services.

These services play a special role in communities throughout East Anglia in public places,  commercial and industrial areas and people’s homes. Local authorities, landlords, property  and facilities managers, as well as home owners, all know how important landscape  maintenance is – whatever the size of the area to be looked after.

However, landscape management is about more than simple gardening, grass cutting or  verge trimming. The look of any environment people work, live and play in, can have a  huge impact on how folk behave, engage within their community and experience life, so  taking care of a landscape big or small is high on the list of essentials for anyone responsible for grounds maintenance.

CGM’s award winning maintenance teams specialise in maintaining a complete environment in which people live and thrive, and client contracts currently being managed  include maintaining highway verges, keeping cemeteries neat and tidy, caring for the  grounds around care homes, the external vista of commercial and industrial premises, as well as large developments and residential estates.

CGM maintains over four and a half thousand sites where landscape maintenance is important. Each site has its own special features and horticultural needs, and all are perfectly cared for by the skilled, committed members of the teams dedicated to this area of CGM services.

All team members are fully trained to RHS, NVQ or NPTC levels and use the latest  equipment on the market for maximum efficiency. Every contract is controlled through  CGM’s specially developed, comprehensive management support system. Each gardener is CRB checked and also has the important CSCS health and safety certification which all  corporate, public service and home owners rely upon as proof of integrity, reliability and  safety on site.

Every client’s site is treated with knowledgeable care, with work being carried out  according to the specific requirements of the plant species growing there and in compliance  with the spirit as well as the detail of the contract in place.

It is not only the scale of CGM’s landscape maintenance contracts which is impressive; the  comprehensive range of sites cared for also indicate the comprehensive range of skills  within the maintenance teams who apply their skills to keep ornamental parks, country  parks and tourist attractions, hotels and public buildings grounds, looking their best.

Every maintenance contract is delivered to demanding, high standards set by CGM for  every client organisation and individual. Also built in to every contract is that essential  extra element of any contract – value for money. By ensuring costs are affordable without  any dilution to the quality of service provided, CGM continue to excel in all forms of  landscape and grounds maintenance.

CGM is justly proud of its history and performance in landscape and grounds maintenance,  provided on an affordable, time managed basis. By working closely with clients over the  long-term, CGM provide consistent, cost effective maintenance – whatever the size or  sensitivity of the garden, plot or site. Clients can also obtain accreditations or contract  awards, through the support provided by CGM.