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Invasive Plant Species

A weed can be defined as a plant in the wrong place, and whilst weeds can usually be dealt with through general herbicide application or regular hand weeding, invasive plants present a more considerable challenge. This can be due to their invasive nature, their harmful effects or the location they are found in (many invasive species grow in or adjacent to watercourses).

The following invasive, non-native plant species may not be planted, cultivated or transplanted:

  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Rhododendron Ponticum
  • New Zealand Pigmyweed

As well as non-native species some of our native plants are also harmful. Ragwort, for example, can harm grazing livestock such as cattle and horses.

The CGM Group has many years experience in the control and removal of invasive species. We ensure appropriate management plans are in place, approved chemicals and control measures are used and that any waste is disposed of appropriately with the correct licensing authorities.

  • Vegetation Clearance & Management
  • Residual & Non-Residual Chemical Application
  • Waste Composting
  • Waste & Vegetation Incineration
  • Biological Controls
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Rapid Response Call Out Commitment
  • Site Excavation
  • Free Management Strategies & Consultations