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Highways & Environment

Nowhere is keeping a neat environment more keenly tested than along the highways and byways, and the need for clear lines of visibility make this a safety issue as much as an aesthetic one.

CGM delivers a full highway management service using a fleet of vehicles designed specifically to address these important visual and environmental issues.

The CGM fleet of highways and environment management vehicles has been carefully chosen to tackle everything from reducing hedges in both height and width, to clearing drainage ditches and dykes. The same fleet offers options for trimming highway verges to keep everything visually neat and tidy but, very importantly, to keep obstruction of  roadside signage in check by strimming around individual sign supports.

CGM has a fully qualified team dedicated specifically to highways and environment services. Team members have NPTC qualifications, as well as lighting and guarding certification.

Keeping the roads and paths clear of obstruction and overgrown plants is more than just chopping down weeds and hedges; it takes a full understanding of how to limit plant and hedge growth to avoid visibility hazards whilst maintaining a visually attractive roadside.

Inevitably, there are events on major trunk roads which need extra roadside signage and sometimes a traffic management vehicle 9r haulage vehicle. CGM can provide these and help constructors, contractors and the emergency services with immediate or longer term support to ensure the safety of themselves and others.