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Garden Design & Construction

Deciding on a garden design which will enchant for years and become the perfect retreat is  a great experience when you have talented, knowledgeable people to advise you. Every option a CGM  garden designer suggests is based around three things:

  • What the client wants to achieve
  • What is possible in relation to soil and construction
  • The budget which is set for the project

To begin with, CGM experts look closely at your proposed garden site and evaluate it. This gives a clear view of what is possible and prevents any wasted planting or missed opportunities. Once the design is approved the construction phase begins, and it is at this point that the professional team of landscapers combine all the ‘build’ elements – site preparation, clearance, drainage installation, paving and fencing is seamlessly scheduled into their plans.

Close liaison is extended beyond the CGM team to include suppliers, architects, planners and other contractors on a client’s site, considerably reducing the stress and frustration of self-managing a project.

Large or small, simple or ornate – whatever sort of garden you dream of, CGM can make it a reality.