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Equestrian Services






  • Fencing and Gate Erection
  • Weed (Ragwort) Eradication
  • Paddock Seeding
  • Stable and Field Shelter Erection
  • Paddock and General Grounds Maintenance
  • Arena & Manage Construction
  • Mulches and Wood Chips

Whether CGM clients have one hunter, a couple of riding horses or a string of polo ponies, they all know how important it is to properly maintain their paddocks, stabling, fencing and under-hoof material. CGM have extensive experience in using its wealth of horticultural and agricultural knowledge to make sure equestrian facilities – large or small, private or commercial – are maintained to the highest possible standard.

Horses and ponies are hardy but poorly maintained shelter, stabling or grazing areas, or getting injured on damaged fencing is not only harmful for the animal but also expensive to put right for the owner. CGM makes sure that every equine establishment is  hazard free by constructing everything needed in horse management, from simple field shelters to enclosed exercise arenas. The CGM hard landscaping team have the skills and experience to assist owners in developing projects which promote good animal and land husbandry; a vital part of being a responsible equestrian.

Clients across East Anglia have engaged CGM for highly diverse projects. For example, the transformation of an existing equestrian facility to developing land for horses from scratch. With the in-house knowledge and equipment needed for any development project, CGM clients enjoy a rare opportunity to have their requirements met under one contract – CGM can offer all aspects of grounds maintenance, drainage issue resolution, grazing improvement or reseeding of complete paddocks, plus stone burying and verti-draining.

Damage to stables, fencing or gates can be easily repaired by CGM staff, who, will also refresh mulches, wood chip and other ground materials as required or within an agreed maintenance plan.

Once CGM has created the perfect equestrian facility, ongoing services are available to maintain the high standards expected. By working in partnership with landowners, or those who lease land for equestrian purposes, CGM is able to develop bespoke maintenance plans which are effective and cost efficient.