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Domestic Garden Maintenance

CGM provides Gardeners and Garden Services throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

We design and develops inspired landscape projects on a scale which would daunt the keenest gardener, but also offers the same standard of ideas, planting and maintenance on a smaller scale to homeowners. Regardless of the size of a garden, a homeowner wants it to look its best and CGM will make sure it does.

Busy lifestyles or the passage of time can mean gardening is the last job on the ‘to do’ list, and this is where CGM staff genuinely ‘get back to their roots’. Members of the fully trained landscaping team have usually started their interest in gardening looking after plant patches, vegetable plots and gardens in their own homes as a youngster, before adopting horticulture as a career, so working on private and domestic gardens is considered a treat. Throughout the history of CGM, its close working relationships with domestic clients has shaped the business through client referrals.

CGM people genuinely enjoy preparing, planting, pruning and presenting home gardens for the owners to relax in and enjoy, and this applies to tenanted homes too, where landlords want their tenants to fully enjoy a rental property or holiday let. Quality and care are the keywords in every home garden contract of any size, as in every other CGM service.

CGM are always very willing to talk to home owners, and landlords, about how a garden  can be kept in peak condition throughout the seasons without the stress or time-consuming effort usually associated with having a garden to be proud of.