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Arboriculture – Case Studies

Case Study 1

CGM Ltd carried out an initial survey of all trees on a private estate, plotting all trees on OS maps and providing a schedule of recommended works.

During the survey a mature and significant ash tree with internal decay and associated fungal brackets was identified, we arranged for an internal decay assessment through a consultant and following this a work recommendation was made allowing for the tree to be retained following crown reduction work whilst reducing the risk of failure.


Case Study 2

CGM were called to a private customer with a tree damaging the property within a Conservation Area.

CGM submitted the required planning notice to the Local Authority and following their consent arranged a suitable date to carry out the removal of the tree which overhung the house and outbuildings.

Using efficient rigging techniques the tree was dismantled in sections in a safe and controlled manner and the site was left clean and tidy to the customers satisfaction.


Case Study 3

CGM Ltd dismantling a mature beech tree, the tree was located over a property, footpath and highway.