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Another Successful CGM Collaboration

Date: August 13, 2015

CGM Arboricultural Services and Pest Control Departments collaborated this week when dealing with a dangerous tree in Cambridge.

The mature ash tree had a significant decay column in the main stem and required making safe due to the risk to road users.

An assessment of the tree identified an active bee hive in the decayed stem so Adrian Searle, Pest Control Supervisor first carried out a non-lethal smoking operation of the nest to pacify the bees. Our Senior Arboricultural Operative Josh Russell then carried out the tree works whilst the bees were less active.

The bees had created a cap to their nest within the stem so our arborists were able to reduce the stem of the tree to above this point.
The works were completed without any stings to our staff and without harming any bees, by the time our team left site the bee nest had resumed it’s normal activity.